05 September 2009

HaKoras HaTov ... Shalom by Design

This is all strange to me; I am a religious frum woman, and I believe that one should be ‘civil’ ‘respectful’ and ‘appreciative’ of everything that comes one’s way - because it ALL comes from Hashem: parnassah, briut, friends, smachot, etc.

It was once popular to say, זה יהיה טוב! [Gam zu leTova]

But nowadays it seems that there is something wrong with everything. I find it very hard to understand why (some of) the religious Jews in Eretz HaKodesh are not more appreciative of the fact that they have homes to live in, buses to ride and for touring, food galore to shop for and prepare delicious meals, clothing to buy, great weather most of the year (for the most part), absolutely gorgeous surroundings to gaze at, a Kotel to go and daven to the Abishteh, and so very much more.

Why is there such a lack of HaKoras HaTov to the Abishteh by so many (that we witness in the news articles, fighting and protesting). Don’t we have enough neighbors in the Middle East that want to see the yidden disappear?

It’s almost as if the entire country is suffering from TRAUMA, induced by the nations of the world, in order to placate the irrational and immoral terrorists that want to share the bedrooms and closets of your home in Eretz Yisrael, leaving you the livingroom and kitchen. If Hashem didn’t want you to be able to move, set up home, and live in your homeland, why did He give it back to you? And He did make it possible for you to return home! Contrary to what others may think, everything that happens in this world is by design from Shomayim.

If you continue to fight and protest, the enemy wins! It’s that simple.

Because if you cannot get along, then “someone” will be forced (like Ahshverosh) into taking over and making you get along under duress chas v’shalom!

What does a Mother or Father do when their myriad children get into a fracas? They send everyone to a different place until they can get control over their anger and be able to come together to make peace between them. If they don’t wise up and smarten up they will be kept apart, and even punished, until they get the message!

01 September 2009

Sitting on the bus ...

Sitting on the bus, I saw a man with a hand cast, the soft type, so it wasn't a very bad injury, but one that causes a pause for thought. He appeared quite concerned, with a worried appearance about him. His hat was slightly back, and the stare was straight ahead ... deep in thought.

It was obvious that he seemed much more concerned, his head bent forward on his arm that was leaning on the back of the seat in front of him. Out comes his phone, head back, concerned words into the air, then the phone disappears.

His face reflected a summer spent in the sun, or he was an alcoholic. He just had that look. But he was dressed finely, in a dark suit, manly shoes, and a hat. He was a frum man, a father, husband, and a man deep in inner stress.

That is when it came to me and I wanted to shout it out: "Run the Beis Medrash, open a sefer, and give it all up to Hashem." I wanted to tell him that, to tell him whatever is bothering him can be dealt with, he doesn't have to carry the whole load alone; he just has to give it up to Hashem.

It is Elul and now is the time to run to Hashem and tell Him everything, ask Him for whatever is deep inside, open up your Neshoma and speak from the heart, tell Him what is gnawing at you, and also tell Him how much you appreciate everything He Blesses the World with.

All this despite the ominous signals of a world in extreme distress.
It is all for our benefit.